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Most of the content I have created ( 8,000 + pieces) are displayed on these pages.

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Screens from the new TrainZItalia route

'Sherman Hill'

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Tall Trees and Boardwalk RR

I live in Santa Cruz, California on the north edge of the Monterey Bay, 75 miles south of San Francisco. One of the Mission cities, it is a tourist destination today with a University on the hill over looking town and an Amusement park at the Beach. The old rail lines are still used by a local Tourist RR business called Big Trees & Roaring Camp Narrow-Gauge Railroad, which features a narrow gauge Shay and Hiesler as well as full size converted F7. The CF7 makes several round trips into Santa Cruz each day during the summer tourist season and some weekends the rest of the year. The Shay and Hiesler run on a short line up a nearby mountain. I will be taking gross liberties with both Felton, the mountain village where Roaring Camp is located and Santa Cruz at the sea sided but what else can one do when limited by CPU power. Those familiar with Santa Cruz and Felton/Roaring Camp will burn me in effigy, no doubt, but what the hell, you can't please all the people all the time.

In the summer of 2004 I became a member of TrainzProRoutes, TPR. My route, still unfinished, became a TPR project. A release date has yet to be set. 

Those unfamiliar with the area will of course notice no inconsistencies and be able to enjoy a day at the beach and a ride through the Redwoods. I have used displacement maps so the terrain will be close to realistic.

Some of you may be wondering about Palm trees, and Redwoods together on the same layout. I assure you that from my living room window I can see both! Santa Cruz is unique, the Mediterranean climate allows both trees to thrive here. Up in the Felton area, in the mountains, one will occasionally see a Palm and a Redwood side by side! Add the ever present Eucalyptus (In Oz, as you know,  they are called Gum Trees) and you have a pretty exotic brew here in Santa Cruz. Just right for TRAINZ!


I am privileged to have my trees used in some great routes and layouts.

Thanks to you all!


Screen Shots of Routes using my trees


Visit a Special page about

Rich Blake and the West Side Lumber Co. Project

Below is an article by Rich in the

Tall Timber and Short Lines magazine

about V-Scale Logging on the

West Side Lumber Co.



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- World Trees Project -


Series 1     Series 2    Series 3    Series 4   Series 5   Series 6   Series 7


  Leaf-Off Series (Winter)   Crop Series


Tree Splines Series 1   Tree Splines Series 2


North American Forest Type 'Wide Cover Splines'


 Blended Backgrounds for 'Wide Cover Splines'


Special Projects


 TPR Sandpatch Buildings and Trees


 Durango and Silverton Content


Buildings & Structures Series




 Textures  Clutter-Mesh  

'Perfect Tall Trees' series 
A Series of  Australian and New Zealand Buildings


'A city for Trainz'


  CityScape Splines

'A City for Trainz'


Cityscape Blended Backgrounds and Tutorial


TPR CityStreets Splines and Blocks

CityStreets - American Cities

   Content Built for The Trainz Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Project  


    Visit this page for a  Video of the DHR Route   


My Structures built into Trainz 2010EE  

My Trees and Textures built into Trainz 2010EE  



Total downloads as of January 3, 2011 = 175,784,684

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And a big 'Thank You' to Terry Franks, tafweb,
 for building the program that makes it easy for someone
with a lot of content to count their downloads.
It's available here at his site!


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How to use my 'Wide Cover Splines' - A Tutorial


Maps of Forest Types and  Make-up of each forest type


How to use my Textures - A Tutorial


Using my Clutter-Mesh sets - A Tutorial


How to make a 'Blended Background' - A Tutorial


Using my Forest 'Blended Backgrounds' - A Tutorial


Using my Cityscape 'Blended Backgrounds' - A Tutorial


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 - UTC users -


Use this link to access my UTC content built using KUID 33404: 526 items


Use this link to access my (TallTreez) UTC content built using KUID 99446: 657 items


DEM Map of Route

Here you will find maps and aerial photos from TerraServer.

If you would like to make a donation to the 

Tall Trees & Boardwalk RR
please use the button below.

Thank you!



A Special Thank You

The Brew Crew at Auran have done a GREAT job with TRAINZ, UTC, and TRS2004. We all love this stuff! But the world has an infinite variety of objects which couldn't be included in the each  release. Those everyday items are being created by very clever minds at this very moment; and I would like to thank all you folks who work hard at making quality content for the rest of us. Every new bit of scenery, texture or caboose means another piece of reality brought into digital life, making our layouts look and work even better. 

Ta, David Drake









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