indian creek trestle

with the impending release of
the tall trees and boardwalk railroad route,
 this spring/summer,
i thought it would be a good time to do one last set of screens.
since this is primarily a scenic railroad,
many of the shots are of a scenic nature.
click the thumbnails to enlarge.
 x to close or drag box to edge of screen and 'drop' it!


heading up the san lorenzo valley

along the san lorenzo river

xing just before rincon


rincon station

the san lorenzo river


continuing toward felton

a curve on the san lorenzo

above the river and rails

a small falls

just a nice bit of texture

big bend curve

bridge at henry cowell redwoods

indian creek trestle on the tall trees ng tourist line

indian creek trestle on the tall trees ng tourist line

indian creek trestle on the tall trees ng tourist line, from above, looking toward the san lorenzo river


the village of 'tall trees'

the village of 'tall trees'

the village of 'tall trees'

the village of 'tall trees'

one of 'the meadow's' on the way to the san lorenzo logging area. this little valley is called trout farm gulch.

'the meadow's' are beautiful, any time of year

but in the early spring, with the winter rain's mostly over 'the meadow's' are at their greenest!

another meadow.

up at the san lorenzo logging area at the head of the trout farm gulch

very picturesque.

a little different angle.

looking down across a meadow at zayante creek, which meanders down trout farm gulch.

bear mountain in the background, home of the tall trees tourist rr.

near felton

heading toward ben lomond.

rural xing above felton

coastal live oak's abound.

up in the valley.

the 'trestles', near the village of 'loch lomond'.

loch lomond, the water supply for santa cruz

looking north from the depot at loch lomond

the village of 'love creek', a fictitious 'hippie village' up one of the many valleys which join with the san lorenzo.

more oak's, always more oak's!

... and more

...and still more!

looking toward the brookdale lodge past the depot and village.

above 'huckleberry island' looking north to the ridge above brookdale.

part of 'huckleberry island'. it's not really an island, just a peninsula caused by a 'snaky' part of the river.

the northern end of the route, boulder creek. here is one of the routes 3 large balloons. this allows for easy return down the valley.

the san lorenzo river passes by boulder creek and wanders on up the valley.

a glimpse of the depot at boulder creek

another view from boulder creek.

harvey west industrial park, just north of the main part of town. the tunnel through mission hill is the gateway to harvey west and the san lorenzo valley beyond.

another view of harvey west.

new construction behind harvey west park.

the mission on, wait for it... mission hill!

the old station at the entrance to mission hill tunnel is seen in the lower left. it still exists as a residence... how cool is that! looking south.

look out across downtown neighborhoods of santa cruz.

pacific avenue, the main shopping district of santa cruz.

downtown santa cruz

another view of downtown.

above walnut street looking south.

the depot and yard at santa cruz.

beach hill. the track runs under the little bridge in the upper center of the image.

the santa cruz wharf from above beach hill.

beach street. looking toward the boardwalk.

beach street.

beach street again.

the village of seabright.

the village of seabright.

the village of seabright.

the things these organic farmers do for us!

the village of seabright.

the industrial area of the 'live oak district'

looking toward the yacht harbor with seabright in the distance.

looking down the track in the 'live oak district'.

capitola village. a wonderful place with coffee house's, restaurant's, art galleries and gift shops.

known as capitola-by-the-sea, but we locals don't use that phrase because it sounds like we stole it from carmel-by-the-sea. we can't have that!


great place to spend a day, or two perhaps.

more capitola.

more capitola.


nearing aptos, the southeastern end of the route.

nearing aptos, the southeastern end of the route.

more capitola.


more capitola.

more capitola.

aptos depot and yard. here is the third balloon loop.



antonelli yard. the northwest end of the route. here is the second balloon loop.

factory spur on the westside.

a shot of our trailer park! this is where i live

westside industrial row.

westside lunch!

big s curve

again from another angle.

again from out in the valley.

dragon's tail trestle. on the tall trees ng rr

i walked up the hill and took this shot.

up in the timbers.


just a nice shot.


the pond at felton.



ben lomond




ben lomond



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