a special series of cityscape blended backgrounds
for use with my building and trees


these blended backgrounds are trs2004 compliant.


they are available at the trs down load station

the 'blended background' is a technique that i developed
 for the tall trees and boardwalk rr.
it produces a look that 'fools the eye' into believing
 that 'there is more there, there than is, there'!  
the blended background works well because
 the 2 d background image is composed of the same 3d
 elements as those that will be used in the foreground.


there are two backgrounds in each set.
small, which is approximately 200 meters wide, for use in the distance
large, which is approximately 400 meters wide, for use 'close up'.
the large background is twice as wide and twice as tall as the small background.

further down the page is a tutorial on using these cityscape blended backgrounds

cityscape blended background 1

cityscape blended background 2

cityscape blended background 3

cityscape blended background 4

cityscape blended background 5

cityscape blended background 6


tutorial on using my cityscape blended backgrounds
   my cityscape blended backgrounds should be used with my
buildings, trees and tree splines, available at the trs down load station .

it must be remembered that different settings, particularly good weather fog and gamma

will affect the colors of the backgrounds, as a result, some tweaking

 in a paint program my be need to adjust colors for your individual settings.


i used the ttbwrr route as my example in this tutorial.


if you are proficient with, or even moderate familiarity with a paint program and gmax,

follow this link to a tutorial that will show you how to build your own blended background.




1) here, is a 'cityscape' from above showing the backgrounds arranged behind the actual city. i have added a slope behind the real building to add height to the scene.

here it is at eye/track level.
and again from the left.
and from the right.
another example of how to place multiple copies of the backgrounds.  i have use two different backgrounds here. copies 1 and 2 are in one orientation while 3and 4 are at 180 degrees which makes the background even more varied. using additional,  different backgrounds will add even more variation.
and here's how it looks at eye/track level.
11) here's how i used the technique on my ttbwrr route.
 in the foreground are 'real houses and city buildings'. in the rear between the low hardwoods and the eucalyptus trees is the background
here at altitude you can see the background. i made this city background slightly curved.


in the large image below you can see the effect.







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