a tutorial on using my texture sets

i have designed my textures to create the most varied landscape possible.
to achieve this the textures have been designed to be use full size.
full size means, in my case, that if used correctly there will be only one
copy of the texture 'stamped' on the grid at a time. to achieve this
the radius/size dial is set to minimum,
and the scale dial to maximum. (this is demonstrated in the illustrations below)
to insure variety these sets contain several, sometimes many, different textures. 
you can 'paint' a random pattern quite easily and create a realistic ground cover quickly.
to cover a board with this technique would take far too much time but the 'trick' to
 these textures is create a highly varied area and then using, it as a 'template', copy and paste
 a large area of this detailed texturing into the map at other locations.
thus achieving a 'natural variation' throughout the board.


click the thumbnails to enlarge.
 use x in upper right corner enlargement to close
drag box to edge of screen and 'drop' it!



beginning blank grid


my textures are designed to be used 'full sized'. this means that the 'radius' dial is set to minimum and the 'scale' dial is set to maximum. see image above.


begin 'painting' the textures from your chosen set at any point within the area you wish to cover.


enlarge the painted area by choosing textures, from the same set, and stamping single copies of several, at random.  do not spin these textures! they were not designed to use in this way.


continuing to enlarge the textured area.


take care that you achieve a random pattern. the texture set contains ample textures to insure this.


continuing to enlarge the
textured area.


continuing to enlarge the
textured area.


continuing to enlarge the
textured area.


the textured area is now large enough to copy and paste a significant portion of it. this is where your patience is rewarded. from now on the texturing will dramatically increase in speed!


to copy a large area of texture you must choose the tools tab. at the bottom of the roll out you will see two rows of icons. to begin, choose the center icon of the bottom row. this is the texture icon. next choose the first icon of the row above, this is the copy icon. see image above.

choose where you wish to begin capturing your copy. with the left mouse button,  click, hold down and draw out a rectangle over the area you wish to copy. see image above.


to paste, while still in the tools tab, choose the paste icon. when you click on the paste icon a dotted rectangle, the area you just copied, will appear floating over the terrain. with the mouse, move the rectangle to the area you wish to texture and 'stamp' it there with a left mouse click. see image above. see next image for result.


first large copy and paste


the copied area will remain in the clipboard. it can be pasted repeatedly to greatly enlarge the textured area rapidly. the resulting ground cover will not present a checkerboard pattern if the initial group of textures were 'truly random'. i emphasize this point because the beginning of the process determines the quality of the outcome.


the copied area is pasted repeatedly to greatly enlarge the textured area.


in the case of a mountain range or foothills where the same texture may cover several boards, the cut and paste process could be repeated in a scaled up mode by copying an even larger area of the texture and pasting upwards of a quarter board at a time!


a hillside that has been texture. the area is of a size that can now be copied again and pasted. see next image.



the area from the first cut and paste 'cycle' is now large enough to provide a copy of the texture that will cover a board in just a few moments.


the hillside and hills behind finish and ready for the gandy dancers and johnny apple seed!


the hillside is textured and covered in tall trees!

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follow this link to my textures