clutter-mesh tutorial - page 2

as i already mentioned on the first page, controlling the mesh is almost impossible.
to 'get around' this problem requires a compromise. in order to have a clutter-mesh that requires
no clean-up after application the mesh must be very short, so short that it doesn't stick up above
the rails.
i have created three clutter-mesh sets (so far) that fit this criteria.

click on the vignettes below to download these three cdp's,

    gravel clutter-mesh, mudstone rocks clutter-mesh, and

short grass clutter-mesh (which contains two sets)


these are the examples i use on this page of the tutorial.



view my selection of clutter-mesh sets



for this tutorial i will use my content and file nomenclature.


the application of the a short clutter-mesh set is not quite the same as the regular set.

the radius and scale dials should be set to the minimum, all the way to the left just as with the regular clutter-mesh.

application is the same except that the clutter-mesh can be applied over the rails too. this will mean that the mesh can occur right up next to the roadbed.


while i don't recommend the 'spinning' technique for my clutter-mesh sets, i do recommend using the [ ] keys between each application of the clutter-mesh.

i usually follow this procedure: i stamp, with one left mouse click, a copy of the clutter-mesh. then i press one of the [ ] keys to alter the orientation of the clutter-mesh. then i repeat the process.

this is similar to spinning but because the [ ] keys are used between application, it doesn't erase the previous areas.

here is a good shot which  demonstrates  how the clutter-mesh works. the texture portion of the clutter-mesh acts just as any texture does. however, the mesh portion  behaves differently than a normal objects. it only appears when the camera approaches within about 40 meters. it also disappears from  behind the camera at the same distance.
the main drawback to the clutter-mesh is that it works best only on a flat surface. in this shot the mesh can be seen 'hanging' out in space. this doesn't matter from a bit of altitude but at engineer level it looks a little strange! there is no way around this one... you just have to learn through practice, how to avoid it.
this is my short grass clutter-mesh.

here is a cut which i will use the next clutter-mesh on.

this is my mudstone rock clutter-mesh. it matches the rock texture i created for the ttbwrr, but...

an enterprising person could re-skin the rocks in this, and the gravel, clutter-mesh to match any rock type!

these are much larger than the gravel in the gravel clutter-mesh but these rocks don't stick up above track level either.


they create a busy, cluttered effect.



view my selection of clutter-mesh sets

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